25 May 2012

Part III


AngeliqueDama said...


Anonymous said...

Koje si trepavice koristila na djevojci sa crvenom kosom, jesu parcijalne? predivno izgleda!

Dijana MakeUp said...

@angelique - hvala draga :*
@anonymous - da, da, parcijalne..mnogo su mi lepse i prirodnije od punih..:)

Laura. said...

i follow you on bloglovin
follow me back? x

Barbie said...

Prelepo !!!

Marijana said...

Divne fotke...a make up je prelep.. :)

Abigail Gunther said...

Looking beautiful. cosmetics, makeup

Robert F. Crocker said...

I love these! I've wanted to try them so much I'm hoping I can still get hold of these tomorrow in Debenhams! permanent magazine

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